From the culinary mind of Chef Masaharu Morimoto and the design vision of Storyn Studio for Architecture comes the new Momosan Wynwood

Project Info

Appointment 2019
Type Commission
Client Morimoto Restaurants
Size 4,400sf
Location Wynwood Miami, Florida


Status Built
Principal  Everald Colas AIA, NOMA
Project Manager Jose Miranda AIA
Engineers Volt Air engineers, Master Consulting Engineers
Builder Master Consulting Builders



The Architects at Storyn strike a balance between openness and intimacy in their design for this new arrival to Wynwood.  They invite you into a bright dining room filled with the Miami sun.  Then, with a strategic use of custom, screens and alcoves give each table the sense of seclusion needed for quiet togetherness. The design achieves perfect proportions of color, light, and companionship that sets the stage for a world-class meal crafted by a world-class chef.

Simplicity is key.  Under the design-build leadership of Everald Colas AIA NOMA and Gal Bensaadon, the architects and builders at Storyn and Red door construction have created a clean and contemporary space.  Honest, rich materials provide warmth and texture.  Custom screening elements filter the sunlight that dapples the tables, while allowing the rich smells from the kitchen and the gentle din of the public space to flow through the restaurant uninterrupted. These screens also make well defined seating nooks providing each patron just enough seclusion to have a place of their own while they’re here. 

“The vision of the Collective is to give St. Petersburg a building that is a critical addition to the rich architectural heritage of its place.  It does this by leveraging a contemporary design language to enact an agenda of contextual sensitivity and responsiveness – current design that acknowledges its place within the long legacy of St. Petersburg architecture.”


-Everald Colas AIA, NOMA

Each nook has its own character.  Some are bright and open and ready for a celebratory affair.  Others are more confined and suited to quiet conversation.  Whether you’re a new customer or you become a regular, you’ll find the one that is just right for you.  Or, you always have the option to take a seat at the custom-designed bar and be the center of attention.  The variation of spaces captures a sense of discovery and play as you search for your ideal spot creating an expression of the Wynwood Neighborhood and the people that call it home.  The result is a sense of belonging the moment you walk through the doors of Momosan.


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